A Hard Working Crew

One of the really nice things about cruising is the free room service. Some would find the menu limited (especially at breakfast) but I think all most people want delivered early is coffee and some sort of snack until they can go for some eggs and b.
While it is not required I always give a few bucks to the delivery person. Tips for your dining room waiter, assistant waiter and room are charged to your room at the rate of $12.50 a day, which is a real bargain, but room service delivery tips are optional.
You meet very few Americans working on cruise ships. The largest group of workers has to be Filipinos. They are among the nicest, most hospitable people you will ever meet and we engage many of them in conversations about our daughter in law Liza and our Filipino American grandson. More often than not we’ll share photos of them too.
Seeing one of Henry’s beach photos one Filipina worker I talked to Sunday discretely told me that the she thinks Filipinos and Americans make the most beautiful children.
I’ve also talked with significant numbers of workers from Romania, Bosnia, and the Ukraine, which is cool because we have friends from all three countries.
Today we are docking in Jamaica, a place we have been to before, but have never set foot on. Too many stories of tourists being hassled, offered drugs and becoming victims of crime, so today is a day when we can relax and enjoy the ship’s pools and hot tubs with no crowds.
Tonight the ship will have its Love and Marriage show. It’s like the old Newlywed Game except there is only one couple that is just married, one that has been married for several years and the other has been together for for 50 + years.
The show is always funny because even though the questions are no more than PG rated, you never know what the couples might say. The biggest laughs almost always come from the longest married couples.
We are having a nice time, but we miss our Henry. I got a couple of messages yesterday saying that Henry asked to come see us, so that makes us feel good & bad.
Thanks for all the nice comments and messages.