Every year the end of summer finds me in a reflective state of mind. Of course, if you know me, then you know that’s where I live.

With less than a week left I look back on all the plans I had going into summer and lament how little came to fruition. Even in the years when Becky and I spent the summer months painting and installing floors, I always felt like I should have done more.

The question that always plagues my mind is WHY? Where did I go wrong? At the beginning of June it seemed like the opportunities were virtually unlimited, but then reality set in.

Perhaps the greatest reason I don’t get more accomplished is what I alluded to in the first paragraph; I spend a lot of time thinking. I am a very introspective and analytical person. I invest great amounts of time considering options, making decisions, and reevaluating decisions, and I can’t turn that off.

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At first, low carb shopping is a grim chore compared to loading a cart with goodies like fries and pies, but there are bright moments too. Kale is a superfood and it’s special power is tasting bad. — Jim Gaffigan You can’t imagine the joy that flooded my soul when I saw these were high…

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