Dark Skies, Lighter Attitude

At the end of the long embarkation day, I’m struck with the thought that this vacation might have been a huge mistake. Fortunately, I’ve learned that my snap judgments are not very reliable.

Vacation: A Crime Against Cats

When we are away for a week Maggie will cry and at times go a little frantic which means knocking things off tables around the house. Knowing that she suffers from separation anxiety while we’re away I always plan to make myself available to her for some extended petting time when we return, but Maggie has other plans.

Our Last Day at Sea in 2017

I began my last day at sea by going out on deck to watch the sun come up over the horizon. On a clear day it can be quite dramatic, but the skies this morning were far from clear. Thanks to a short break in the clouds the sun eventually made a brief appearance before disappearing once again

Petty Cruise Ship Complaints

We departed Cozumel a couple of hours ago and are on our way back to Galveston. Normally this is a bit of a disappointment, but we’ve had a great time and by Sunday morning we’ll be very ready to be home and sleep in our own bed. Here are some other things we miss on these trips.

A Shared Laugh to Start Our Days

At breakfast this morning in the main dining room Becky noticed that we had 2 pepper shakers, but no salt. Turning the shakers over I realized there was another problem.

With both of our waiters standing by the table I told them, “We have 2 pepper shakers . . .and both of those are empty.”

The Chronic Multitasker

Tonight we are sitting at the very back of the ship enjoying the cool breeze before the Love and Marriage show begins. 

I am alternating between listening to several musical artists and one of my favorite audiobooks. While listening I am checking my news feed, taking new photos and beginning to write future posts.