A Happy Marriage Celebrates Everything

I believe that one key to the success of our marriage is that we look for things to celebrate. Birthdays, holidays, and vacations are great occasions for celebration, but if I find them few and far between in the course of a long year, how much more so in a very long marriage.

A Happy Marriage Cheers Each Other

In short, the world beats us up, and can leave us feeling like we’re far behind in a game we should be winning. When our spirits are down, we need a cheerleader. We need someone who believes in us, encourages us, and reminds us of past victories when times were tough.

A Happy Marriage Loves & Respects

On the day of our wedding there was no way I could have imagined us having a contentious marriage, but often the only way we learn is by going through the laborious classroom of life, and for me that meant repeating several grades more than once.

A Happy Marriage is Unselfish

Do you think Steven Spielberg would really care if he won the Macedonian People’s Choice award for best director? Can you imagine him putting on a tux and flying into its capital Skopje to accept the trophy? Looking back that is the way I view some of my victories in our marriage.