Month: June 2017

20 Years of Self Delusion

About a week ago I found myself having to admit that I’d been acting irrationally for many years. I was diagnosed 20 years ago as a Type 2 diabetic, and the fact that I got the disease was completely my fault.

A Happy Marriage Celebrates Everything

I believe that one key to the success of our marriage is that we look for things to celebrate. Birthdays, holidays, and vacations are great occasions for celebration, but if I find them few and far between in the course of a long year, how much more so in a very long marriage.

A Happy Marriage Cheers Each Other

In short, the world beats us up, and can leave us feeling like we’re far behind in a game we should be winning. When our spirits are down, we need a cheerleader. We need someone who believes in us, encourages us, and reminds us of past victories when times were tough.

A Happy Marriage Loves & Respects

On the day of our wedding there was no way I could have imagined us having a contentious marriage, but often the only way we learn is by going through the laborious classroom of life, and for me that meant repeating several grades more than once.

A Happy Marriage is Unselfish

Do you think Steven Spielberg would really care if he won the Macedonian People’s Choice award for best director? Can you imagine him putting on a tux and flying into its capital Skopje to accept the trophy? Looking back that is the way I view some of my victories in our marriage.

Why I Still Teach

I became the go-to person to explain what was taught in the college classes that day. I often had students tell me that I had a knack for explaining things in a way that anyone could understand. After hearing this kind of comment over and over another crazy idea began to form in my mind. I could be a teacher.

Doing What You Can Do

I remember times my father’s employer had not works, so he would spend the day collecting bottles he could return for the deposit. One day I heard him say that his efforts had made him at little over $2.

Vacation: A Crime Against Cats

When we are away for a week Maggie will cry and at times go a little frantic which means knocking things off tables around the house. Knowing that she suffers from separation anxiety while we’re away I always plan to make myself available to her for some extended petting time when we return, but Maggie has other plans.

Insomnia Breeds an Economics Lesson

Whether the market is for retail workers, teachers or grapefruit, prices are generally determined by the interaction of supply and demand. I’d love to find a wonderful school district that pays astronomical wages
but those institutions don’t exist.