Month: August 2019

One Teacher’s Journey

Frustrated by the results of my work, I talked to my mentor. He assured me I was a good teacher, and graciously neglected to add “for a first-year teacher.”

A Brunch of Thoughts

Like poor Cinderella who got to attend the ball in style before the clock struck midnight and it all went awry, we enjoy the little luxuries of cruising before returning to reality.

Dark Skies, Lighter Attitude

At the end of the long embarkation day, I’m struck with the thought that this vacation might have been a huge mistake. Fortunately, I’ve learned that my snap judgments are not very reliable.

Embarkation Day Blues (Part 2)

When the muster drills are outside in hot weather being at the back of is a very steamy and miserable experience. Even when the drill is conducted inside, it is not a pleasant experience.

Embarkation Day Blues (Part 1)

The time after lunch on embarkation day is one of the few aggravating parts of cruising. With our room not ready, we tried going out on deck, but It was miserably hot even in the shade.