Month: July 2020

Shopping as a Traitor to the Carbs

I walk in the store and old friends like Aunt Jemima and her neighbor, Mrs. Butterworth, look at me as if I’m Judas. I hurry around the corner to escape the look of betrayal in their eyes.

What Faith Looks Like in a Pandemic

I am not attempting to tell any believer how they should respond to the pandemic. Clearly, there are times we must stand our ground in faith, but in other times, wisdom might occasion a different response.

Carry On Like Normal

When the heater in a stifling building would not turn off, we were advised to “carry on like normal”. No power and streams of floodwaters running down dark halls? “Carry on like normal”.

Big Assumptions, Big Risks

There are many benefits to returning to in-person classes, but there are also great costs, most notably, the lives of our teachers, staff, and students.


The tough teachers I remember tended to be generally disagreeable people. Some were cold and acerbic; others were more brash and volatile. Some had the persona of Army drill instructors.

Give Yourself Away

We stand at the forefront of a new school year, one that promises to be unlike any other. As teachers, we often feel we have too many hats to wear, and each year there are more hats.