The Spinach Can: A Fathers Day Story

Looking back, I now see that my father was like someone who had been burned in a horrific fire as a child, and he bore many awful scars from it. Those scars were not easily visible, but if you looked at the cautious, frugal way he lived his life, they become apparent.

He did not spend if he could avoid it; instead, he saved and saved and saved.

Shopping as a Traitor to the Carbs

I walk in the store and old friends like Aunt Jemima and her neighbor, Mrs. Butterworth, look at me as if I’m Judas. I hurry around the corner to escape the look of betrayal in their eyes.

What Faith Looks Like in a Pandemic

I am not attempting to tell any believer how they should respond to the pandemic. Clearly, there are times we must stand our ground in faith, but in other times, wisdom might occasion a different response.