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We Stay!

Monday will be my 23rd first day of school as a teacher, but I remember well the nervousness I felt and the many questions I had on my very first Monday. I also remember the few teachers who really helped me and those I went to who gave me the impression I was bothering them.

I decided then that if I made it as a teacher I was going to be proactive in reaching out to the new teachers and I hope I have never given one the impression I was too busy for them.

Friends talking during coffee break at office
Friends talking during coffee break at office

I recognize that I am a flawed as both a person and a teacher, but I am determined to do my best to support and encourage the good people who work alongside me.

Next week the bulk of that support will go to the new teachers around me. Some of our new people are fresh from college while others have experience in other districts,

For both groups of teachers the first few days in a new school can be very difficult and even lonely.Some will not ask for help, so we veterans need to check on these folks a few times a day and make it clear that no concern or question is too trivial.

Take them a cold bottle of water, a little chocolate or some other treat. We can all remember small kindness that were trivial to the giver, but so meaningful to us. Do it for the family.

Remember, the kids come and go. We stay.